About us

Le solariste, a company focused on the proximity between photovoltaic professionals and individuals

The current problem

The photovoltaic market is booming. The French photovoltaic park has more than doubled in the space of 10 years. As a result, there are more and more professionals and large companies in this market.

In this sea of photovoltaic players, it is often difficult to find the right company or the right professional to work with on your project.

Many problems are encountered by individuals such as the closure of the company that carried out the work, qualifications that are not present, non-existent after-sales service, etc.

The solution : Le solariste

Based on this observation, Le solariste is a network that allows professionals with real expertise to be put in touch with individuals wishing to have a solar installation carried out by an expert close to them with real guarantees and a quality service:

  • Fairer prices for individuals

  • Specialised and trained professionals to install solar panels

  • A local service by putting technical stations in touch with individuals in the same sector

  • A contact person whatever happens thanks to the strength of a solidary national network


Be sure of the amount of your future savings

Using our algorithms, satellite imagery and PVGIS software developed by the European Commission, we can accurately determine the annual solar electricity production of your installation.

Our commitments

Each technical station commit to work with you to ensure that the work is carried out under the best possible conditions and that the savings are sustainable


Real savings immediately after installation


We select the best leading manufacturers in the photovoltaic market


Your installation is guaranteed on material and performance by the panel manufacturer


Your dedicated advisor follows the progress of your project step by step


You know exactly what will be installed in your home thanks to a detailed estimate

After Sales

Your technical station offers you a maintenance contract and will come to you if you have any problems