Reduce your electricity bills
by up to 70%.

Le solariste accompanies you in the realization of your project from the study of your energy needs to the installation of your solar power plant.

Durable installation thanks to quality materials

We have selected the best materials on the market for a long-lasting installation. Your solar installation will function for decades with only annual maintenance

Production performance guaranteed for 25 years

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A combination of cutting-edge technologies to enhance the efficiency of each module

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Excellent behaviour in low light and during temperature variations

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Suitable for extreme weather conditions: tested to withstand heavy snow and wind loads

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Technological and chemical progress has led to a drastic drop in battery costs (90% between 1995 and 2005)

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The on-board Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technology is one of the most reliable on the market. It guarantees a minimum life span of 10 years for its cells

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Thanks to its 100% depth of discharge (DoD), the capacity of your battery is increased tenfold

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Quick and easy installation that blends in easily with your home thanks to its sleek design

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A battery with proven performance and reliability

Gain energy autonomy with the new generation of batteries. You can store the solar energy produced by your solar installation and use it later on according to your needs.

Guarantees Le solariste

We have put in place several guarantees to allow you to enjoy your installation with complete peace of mind

Battery + Solar Panels : The . combination

By using battery power in the evening, you can optimise your energy savings

You avoid the need to reconfigure your equipment and avoid micro-cuts

In the event of a power cut, you will be the only house in your neighbourhood that is still lit

You make the most profitable investment in terms of real estate appreciation

You have the possibility of upgrading your installation by anticipating your kWh needs

You can do your household chores at lower cost during sunny hours

Grid battery of mylight :
For even more savings

With the mylight grid battery, you can consume 100% of your solar electricity production without the inconvenience of a bulky and expensive battery at home.

Solar electricity that you do not use (e.g. when you are on holiday or travelling) is stored directly on the grid for reuse when you want it.

The advantages of a physical battery without the disadvantages


You can decrease or increase the capacity of your mylight grid battery as needed at any time


As your mylight battery is on the grid, it requires no maintenance and has no risk of failure


The energy you consume outside of your production is 100% green and local


Visualise in real time your production, consumption, charge and discharge on your application


Be sure of the amount of your future savings

Using our algorithms, satellite imagery and PVGIS software developed by the European Commission, we can accurately determine the annual solar electricity production of your installation.

*Guarantee of the lowest price for equivalent materials and services (quality of solar panels, quality of batteries, performance, high-precision simulation of solar electricity production, after-sales service, etc.)